Ecotourism 101. Ecotourism Essentials

In 1975 Inkaterra built a lodge for scientists long before ecotourism was trendy
In 1975 Inkaterra, sustainable tourism pioneer and conservation leader, built a lodge for scientists long before ecotourism was trendy.

Along with other resource persons, namely Harro Boekhold of Contour Projects and Mr. Joselito Bernardo of the Asian Productivity Organization, we conducted the Train the Trainers in Ecotourism Planning & Management Course at the International School of Sustainable Tourism, in Subic Bay, Philippines. Apparently, among the Asia Pacific participants, there is still much confusion and ambiguities of the term “Ecotourism”.

Ecological Research and Conservation Funded By Tourism
Inkaterra: ECOlogical research and conservation funded by TOURISM. Scientific research for biodiversity is the baseline of profitable conservation, education and economic growth of local communities.

Not surprisingly, more so for the travel and tourism suppliers and market. Unfortunately the “eco” trend in the past years has triggered the travel industry to inundate the market with misused and misunderstoodeco -labeled tourism products, from hotel accommodations to tours, from lodges to excursions, causing misrepresentation and misunderstandingamong travelers from the tourism industry as to what the term “ecotourism” genuinely embodies.

Danjugan Island Marine Biodiversity - all researched and recorded.
Danjugan Island Marine Biodiversity – all researched recorded, and protected to let others learn from it.

So once and for all, we are clarifying the essence and emphasizing thebasic elements of Ecotourism.

  • Aims to conserve biodiversity
  • Sustains the well being of local people
  • Includes a learning experience
  • Requires lowest possible consumption of non-renewable resources
  • Stresses local participation, ownership and business opportunities, particularly for rural people

If your destination, property or activities does not have ALL of the above essential elements, then it is NOT “ecotourism”. In addition to these ecological essentials, Ecotourism has also these fundamental nature, no pun intended:

  • A greater focus on authenticity in terms of destinations, products and experiences
  • It is “Green consumerism” – increased environmental awarenessand concern about issues such as climate change and global warming
  • Sustainability should be at the heart of every tourism business and tourism product
  • Every tourism component- transport, accommodation, activities – should be ‘eco-friendly’
  • Ecotourism suppliers must keep it simple and sincere – genuine “green”!

Common ‘Eco confusion’:

  • “Green washing”: doing green vs. being green: just because you plant a tree, does not mean yours is already an ecotourism company. Must always have all the FIVE elements: not 4, 3,  2 or 1 only!
  • Must not be confused with Community-based tourism, Pro-poor tourism, Nature tourism, Adventure travel. As mentioned, all thefive eco essentials must be in place. ‘Nuff said.
Danjugan Island

To date, Ecotourism is just tiny niche of the global tourism market, has no traction yet and has just started to be mainstreamed. Tourism has an enormous potential, but without principles that fosters responsibility and sustainability it can harm our planet and wreck havoc to the fragile or climate vulnerable tourism destinations.

So no more confusions, no doubt about it. Don’t be misled by all the “eco-ish” labels. Just memorize the 5 ECO elements; YOU cannot go wrong. Go green!

Take a PERU DREAM TRIP  by Inkaterra, Peru’s Eco Pioneer and Conservation Leader since 1975; 100% Carbon Neutral travel and stay, any day departure. For more information and travel assistance about our Green Travel Exchange and Green Hotels stay, contact us.

Machu PicchuRe-visted in 2008

Travel with a difference in our green getaways  such as our Negros Agri-Tours, discover Danjugan Island, a true ecotourism destination, Don Salvador Benedicto’ (DSB) for a health and wellness break, and Care for Coron Island-  all meaningful journeys that touches the soul!

Iconic Kayangan Cove. Photo taken from Kayangan View Point, Coron Island
Iconic Kayangan Cove. Photo taken from Kayangan View Point, Coron Island

Our Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc.-SST offers LearningCapacity Building, Educational programs, Green Solutions and Services for public stakeholders: Destinations – LGUs and host communities;  Private stakeholders – Hotels, Resorts, Hospitality, Tour Operators and Businesses with Green Destinations, Global Leaders Program and Green Travel Guide platform to include Environmental Conservation and ComplianceGood Governance, Climate Resilience, to address global challenges of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): food security, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and climate resilience for the local host community. Water waste – STP (P.T. Amanaid Philippines) and Waste to Energy (W2E) solutions as well as other green destinations innovations are now offered to LGUs and tourism industry for law compliance.

For more information and assistance, contact us.


SST is proud to be part of the Founding Board of the ASIAN ECOTOURISM NETWORK

Photo credits: Inkaterra, Peru’s Eco Conservation Leader since 1975, PRRCFI for Danjugan Island & Al Linsangan III for Coron photo.

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