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Start to travel GREEN! Travel responsibly. Build lasting memories while protecting the communities/ regions you will travel to! Our sustainable tourism destinations will enhance your vacation—and help you make a positive difference in the places you visit.

Rapha Valley Organic farm, your health & wellness getaway in Negros Occidental.

Rapha Valley Organic farm, your health & wellness getaway in Negros Occidental.


Global warming and climate change are taking its toll on the planet, wrecking havoc and destruction to our nature attractions, rural sites and even big cities! We have to do our part in leaving less impact to the environment and places we visit. The message is Responsible Travel: let us protect the environment, care about host communities and respect their culture as we explore, experience and enjoy.

Green weddings and events at Nature's Village Resort. Photo via

Green stays, weddings and events at Nature’s Village Resort. Photo via


It is taking pleasure in our rich natural resources, while maintaining essential ecological processes, cultural integrity and biological diversity of beach destinations and cultural heritage sights, respecting the culture, benefiting host community and leaving less impact to the environment.

Danjugan Island Environmental Education Program

Danjugan Island Environmental Education Program

It is high time for savvy travelers and globe trotters to focus our travel and holiday mindset to Sustainable Tourism: satisfying current tourist and host community needs, while protecting and improving future opportunities.

Learn more about greening your destination and how to make your home community sustainable.

Coron Nature & Wildlife Experience

Coron nature & wildlife experience. Leave less footprints.

Travel with a difference in our genuine Green Getaways  such as Negros Agri-Tours for cultural, crafts and culinary experience; Danjugan Island, a rainforest reserve and marine sancturary, Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB)-Rapha Valley for a health and wellness getaway, and Conserving & caring for Coron Island-  meaningful journeys that touches the soul!

Who wouldn't want to visit Machu Picchu?

Travel green to Peru with Inkaterra, Peru’s Eco Pioneer & Conservation Leader since 1975.

Take a PERU DREAM TRIP  by Inkaterra, Peru’s Eco Pioneer and Conservation Leader since 1975; 100% Carbon Neutral travel and stay – any day departure. For more information and travel assistance about our Green Travel Exchange and Green Hotels stay, contact us.

Join our Society of Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc. SSTDI- advocating green, eco-friendly and responsible travel. Promote your eco destination, hotel, resort, lodging, restaurant, festival, event venue or hospitality services, spa or sports, transport, real estate development or any tourism-related enterprise espousing green or sustainable practices.    

SSTDI is proud to be part of the Founding Board of the Asian Ecotourism Network. 



Our Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc.-SST offers TrainingCapacity Building, Educational programs, Green Solutions and Services for public stakeholders: Destinations – LGUs and host communities;  Private stakeholders – Hotels, Resorts, Hospitality, Tour Operators and Businesses with Global Sustainable Tourism Council standards. Training programs and  solutions include Environmental Conservation and ComplianceGood Governance, Climate Resilience, to address global challenges of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): food security, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and climate resilience. Waste water (P.T. Amanaid Philippines) and Waste to Energy (W2E) Solutions as well as other green innovations are now offered to LGUs and tourism industry for law compliance.

For more information and assistance, contact us.


SST President and CEO is GSTC Philippines Country Representative and Trainer.

 Photo credits: Coron photos by Al Lingsangan, Executive Director of The Coron Initiative  co-organized by SSTDI; Danjugan Island & Visit Peru.

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