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Global Sustainable Tourism Standards- Conference Workshop- DAVAO

Who are we, and what do we offer?

Green Destinations Southeast Asia Partner & Representative. We are part of Experts and organizations from around the world have joined forces in Green Destinations, the world’s largest partnership in sustainable tourism, led by the Green Destinations Foundation from The Netherlands.

  • Our goal is to support destinations around the world in improving on the basis of global criteria and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Over 200 destinations in 60 countries have joined our programs.
  • Green Destinations offers the only program that is used in the market to inform travelers how clean, green and sustainable destinations are, and to support destination selection, done by Booking.com affiliate BookDifferent.com.
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Global Sustainable Tourism Standards NATIONAL FORUM – Boracay Island, Philippines.

Green Destinations’ Core Values

Better and more sustainable places mean destinations adopting the following core values:

  • Genuine and authentic: supporting the celebration of local culture and tradition.
  • Responsible and respectful: defending people against exploitation, enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities, and preventing disruptive mass tourism (over tourism).
  • Economically sustainable: involving the local business community and enhancing local community employment during and beyond the holiday season.
  • Environment and Climate: ensuring environmental health and safety, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Nature & scenery: protecting scenic views, habitats and wildlife, and respecting animals that are used in tourism.

Adopting these G.R.E.E.N. values help destinations enhance their quality, attractiveness and competitiveness. It will help attract green travelers, visitors who are respectful, and will spend more in the destination. These values are at the heart of our programs for destination improvement and certification.

Green Destinations works together with tourism business and media partners to make the green offer of destinations better visible in the marketplace.

Sustainable Tourism, Socio Cultural Responsbility & Environmental Conservation Capacity Building & Training Program.

Sustainable Tourism, Socio Cultural Responsbility & Environmental Conservation Capacity Building & Training Program.

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GREEN FINS, Sustainable Diving & Snorkeling is an innovative  Conservation initiative designed around threats to coral reef biodiversity. It is a practical system to implement environmentally friendly guidelines and a robust management and assessment system to monitor success and apply lessons learned. Green Fins in the Philippines was first launched in 2004 with many early success in trying to get the diving community to follow the Code of Conduct. Watch the Green Fins video YouTube channel.

Our International Support

United Nations Environment Program

UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM‘s mission is to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

Asia and the Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED)

 Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED), a regional group of eminent experts operating since its establishment in 2001 with the support by Ministry of the Environment, Japan, aims to address critical issues facing Asia and the Pacific and to propose new models for equitable and sustainable development of the region. APFED launched in 2005 the APFED Showcase Programme, implemented with the supporting institutional mechanism called the Asia-Pacific Regional Network of Policy Research Institute for Environmental and Sustainable Development (NetRes).

“We are working to make sure we don’t only protect the environment, we also improve governance.”


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