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TCI CB Series II- Green Leaders Forum, July 2013

Learn to Lead the Green Way forward: Green Leaders Forum: Green Hotels, Zero Carbon Resorts, Sustainable Design and Purchasing

To join our Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development, enroll in our future Global Sustainable Tourism Council- GSTC Training programs. 

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Green Destinations Sustainable Tourism Learning, Capacity Building to Awards and Certification!

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Who can join:

  • Travel & tourism industry sector, tour operators, travel agents, guides;
  • Public sector, Politicians/Statesmen, Public/civil servants: Government agencies, LGUs in charge of environment, governance, planning & development, tourism;
  • Hospitality sector: hotels and resorts, restaurants, bars, owners, managers, decision makers;
  • Tourism service & Eco/organic suppliers & providers: small and medium business owners, leisure, spa, beauty, food & health products/services;
  • Real estate & land owners, Developers, Contractors, Architects, Builders, Suppliers;
  • Energy, Water, Organic farming & Recycling suppliers;
  • Land, water and air transport: Tour bus operators, Cruises/Ships; Airlines;
  • Recreation and sports facilities: scuba, snorkeling, mountaineering, adventure, outdoor shops & gears;
  • NGOs, cooperatives, People’s Organizations, Environmental, Conservation & Green Advocacy groups;
  • Academe, educators, youth leaders;
  • Concerned citizens and sustainability advocates.

Become an SSTDI Member

Benefits of Society for Sustainable Tourism- SST Member

By becoming an SST member you will gain knowledge to espouse positive change starting with our grassroots, while sharing it with the world and promote your personal or organization’s genuine advocacy to supporting sustainable tourism.  Whether you apply as an individual, a small business enterprise, non-profit, NGO, or as a large company or organization, your commitment to the SSTDI will give you access to services and opportunities that will help strengthen your efforts towards offering a more sustainable product or service.


We have two types of Membership: Individual & Organization. Your membership will give you privilege to services and opportunities that will equip you with the know-how in implementing your green and sustainable services or product.

As SSTDI member, you will be given the priority in key educational, networking, institutional and practical activities, resources and benefits. Take action. Do positive for your community and future generations!

Being an SST Member gives you the ability to gain quality networking opportunities and have access to educational resources and marketing benefits.

TCI CB Series III- Green Leaders Forum, July 2013

TCI CB Series III- Green Leaders Forum, July 2013

For participation, program/agenda & future SSTDI Training Conferences & Workshops, join us on Facebook and keep updated with our forthcoming events/learning worshops.

“The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.”

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