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Make the difference. Contact us for your Sustainable Tourism Development and Stewardship project in your community.

Our Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc.-SST offers LearningCapacity Building, Educational programs, Green Solutions and Services for public stakeholders: Destinations – LGUs and host communities;  Private stakeholders – Hotels, Resorts, Hospitality, Tour Operators and Businesses with Green Destinations, Global Leaders Program and Good Travel Program capacity building and solutions to include Environmental Conservation and ComplianceGood Governance, Climate Resilience, to address global challenges of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): food security, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and climate resilience for the local host community. Waste water (P.T. Amanaid Philippines) and Waste to Energy (W2E) Solutions as well as other green destinations solutions and innovations are now offered to LGUs and tourism industry for law compliance.

For more information and assistance, contact us.

  • Capacity building & coaching support;
  • Engage your business to implement CSR programs;
  • Develop sustainable community or destination;
  • Espouse good governance & resilience in your community or city; 
  • Simply get involved, supporting our projects.

For green investments, sustainability projects and development, visit this page.

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