Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc.

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The Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development, Inc. (SSTDI) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization providing training and capacity building  for public and private stakeholders to attain excellence in sustainable tourism and development, environmental conservation and stewardship (to help mitigate climate change), social equity and responsibility as well as economic growth. The approach is to implement green solutions to global issues with policies to practices, for grassroots growth underlining cultural, community and ecological legacy.

green growth, global climate change solutions

Green growth, global climate change solutions from policies to practices.

Our Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc.-SSTDI offers Capacity Building and Educational programs for LGUs, host communities,  private stakeholders and the grassrrots in Sustainable Tourism, Social Responsibility and Environmental Conservation.  Training programs include Good Governance, Climate Change solutions and Disaster Prevention and Management education. WASTE TO ENERGY solutions are now offered to LGUs for their ecological solidwaste and renewable energy solutions. For more information and assistance, contact us.


SSTDI is proud to be part of the Founding Board of the ASIAN ECOTOURISM NETWORK 



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  1. Diego Ojano Franco

    I am from the town of Buruanga in the Province of Aklan, the Philippines. This town is slowly awakening to the prospect of tourism development with its share of abundant natural resources and proximity to Boracay Island which is 30-minutes away by motorboat, I am learning much from SSTDI and look forward to sharing the initiatives your organization is undertaking in our community and local government. Thank you.

  2. I am media person from Kathmandu , Nepal. Looking forward to work and affiliated with SSTDI to contribute to fulfill the goals stated in the vision and mission of this prestigious organization.

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