SST Pledge

Committed to make tourism sustainable, and conforming that it is our responsibility as stakeholders in tourism to achieve sustainability and resilience, in these times of global warming and climate change, we pledge to embrace and espouse Sustainable Tourism. 

We accept that in order to implement the best practices in economic, social and environmental responsibility, it is necessary to use a portfolio of tools, which will include regulations, incentives, and multi-stakeholder participatory strategies.

We undertake to work in concrete ways in our local host community to achieve better forms of tourism and to work with other stakeholders in destinations. We commit to build the capacity of all stakeholders in order to ensure that they can secure an effective voice in decision making.

Our Commitment

Conserve the natural environment, ecosystems and biodiversity

Preserve ecosystems and biodiversity affected by tourism.

Encourage authorities to identify conservation areas and regulate development in or near these areas.

Implement actions at tourism sites to protect wildlife and ecosystems.

Respect and support local traditions, cultures and communities

Consider local customs, cultural values, and gender roles in tourism planning.

Involve the wider community in discussions on tourism planning affecting both industry and locals.

Preserve cultural heritage and enhance local pride through sensitive tourism services.

Maintain environmental management systems

Integrate environmental assessment in tourism project planning.

Conduct regular environmental audits and promote sustainable practices in the industry.

Establish environmental policies and guidelines for various tourism sectors.

Conserve energy and reduce waste and pollutants

Encourage eco-friendly practices to reduce pollutants, conserve water, manage waste, and control noise levels.

Promote the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Encourage a tourism commitment to environments and cultures

Encourage compliance with planning policies and raise awareness of environmental and cultural values among tourism stakeholders.

Support responsible actions from service providers and promote these values in tourism marketing.

Educate and inform others about local environments and cultures

Include environmental and cultural values in tourism education and training.

Provide accurate information and interpretation to tourists to enhance their appreciation and understanding.

Encourage and support research on the impacts of tourism on the environment and culture.

Learn and Lead!

Together, let us future-proof our host communities,  the tourism and hospitality industry and SMEs to make the planet a better place to travel, and nurture equal opportunities for future generations.

Please let us know how we can best help you achieve your sustainability goals and green actions.