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SST (Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc.) stands as a proactive force championing sustainable tourism and holistic development. With a diverse array of initiatives, SST engages public and private stakeholders, offering comprehensive programs and innovative solutions. From training and capacity building to cutting-edge green solutions, SST spearheads efforts aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), catalyzing positive change within communities and the tourism industry.

Top 100 Destination Stories

Celebrating Sustainability

The prestigious pioneering Green Destinations Top 100 Stories competition was established since 2014 to recognize and promote destinations as inspiring examples of Sustainable Tourism for other destinations, tour operators, and especially encouraging responsible travelers.

The competition selects 100 Sustainable Tourism stories through an open call for applications. The stories are judged in terms of effectiveness, innovation, and transferability.

The best stories in the Top 100 list are nominated for the Green Destinations Story Awards help at the annual ITB conference in Berlin.

Club Paradise – Philippines

Making waves in water conversation. Club Paradise Palawan with a collaborative and multi-stakeholders approach, has, over the years, been implementing activities aimed at preserving a healthier and thriving marine environment reducing water pollution throughout organic farming, avoiding the use of single-use plastic and investing to have its own desalination plant.

Bago City – Philippines

Growing a food sufficient and climate smart agro-ecological destination. Bago City in the Philippines is the “Rice Granary of Negros Occidental”. Our majestic biodiversity nurtured by a multitude of farming villages ensure the food security of the city and the Negros Island. Our farmers and fisherfolks are the backbone of our progress and development.

Sagay City – Philippines

Sagay Marine Reserve, situated in the Visayan Sea of the Philippine territorial waters was once called the Alaska of the Philippines. People thought fishes in the sea is limitless. And so man’s wanton abuse of the marine environment resulted to a massive destruction of the coral reefs in the area.

Gangwon State – South Korea

Wellness : The Sustainable “Hyang (Sweet)” Spot for Gangwon for all seasons. In every crisis, there is opportunity, and this cannot be truer with Gangwon. Gangwon was still little popular in spite of the fact that it rose to fame as a world-class winter destination when it hosted the Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympics.

Sustainable Business Champions​

The Good Travel Program offers tools to evaluate, support, and certify the sustainability practices of tourism businesses and Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) to assess, support, and certify the sustainability of their businesses in the tourism sector including SMEs, resorts, B&Bs, restaurants, activity providers, tour guides, sports and leisure shops, etc. We offer extensive promotional benefits to entities and businesses participating in the program, first off in our Good Travel Guide, the sustainable travel platform to responsible travelers looking for a green and responsible holiday, as well as our esteemed top marketing partners, such as Booking.Com, BeCause, Google Travel and more!

Anya Resort Tagaytay

Anya Resort Tagaytay's picturesque bamboo-lined entrance tells a compelling story of nature's embrace, resilience in adversity, and boundless hospitality. The bamboo symbolizes the resort's deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and luxurious living coexisting harmoniously. It also represents the heart of Anya - its people, who warmly welcome guests with genuine smiles, mirroring the bamboo's graceful dance in the wind. In 2020, Anya faced the dual challenges of the Taal Volcano eruption and the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these hardships, the resort's unity remained unbroken, Anya team members supported each other and extended assistance to the local community, embodying boundless commitment, initiated climate adaptation measures to mitigate future risks, invested in disaster preparedness and raised awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. The resort became a beacon of sustainability, actively engaged with the community, respecting local traditions and preserving cultural heritage.

Coron Natural Farms

Nestled in the heart of Palawan, Philippines, Coron Natural Farms stands as a beacon of sustainable agriculture, community empowerment, and environmental stewardship. This agricultural haven has woven a tapestry of practices that not only enrich the soil but also nurture local communities and conserve precious ecosystems. At the core of Coron Natural Farms' success lies its commitment to sustainable practices that echo the principles of permaculture. Coron Natural Farms' engagement with the local community is a cornerstone of its sustainability journey primarily comprising the indigenous Cuyunon and Tagbanwa people which embodies their commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

Nature's Village Resort

A garden paradise located in Talisay City, only 3.5km from the province’s capital, Bacolod. Set against the backdrop of Mt. Marapara, the resort offers unique accommodations where nature-lovers can bask in unspoiled beauty while remaining close to the city. Nature’s Village Resort won the ASEAN Green Hotel Recognition in 2010 which actively advocated sustainable or environment-friendly practices such as ecological solid waste management, environmental awareness training plan for hotel staff, use of renewable energy sources, presence of noise control programs, and involvement of hotel staff in waste reduction, reusing and recycling items, waste separation and composting programs among other compliance standards. It has a “Green Pavilion” for events, that features an elevated mini-stage made from the roots of a hundred-year-old Narra tree, and the resort has its own Organic Farm and Vermiculture Site for a farm-to-table experience where guests are served vegetables grown from their own grounds.

Savoy Hotel Manila Sustainable Practice

Savoy Hotel Manila

Located within the vibrant heart of the sprawling Newport City, Savoy Hotel Manila emerges as an entity with a mission far beyond business operations, which embraces a steadfast commitment, not only as a business entity but as a solution to Pasay City's environmental dilemma and the nation's struggle against food scarcity. Its Sustainability program, aptly named WeSave, embodies this vision: cultivate environmental stewardship. In the battle against food scarcity, its commitment extends through its Vertical Garden. Within this innovative space thrive nineteen varieties of vegetables and herbs, flourishing in repurposed containers from their Housekeeping Department. Carbon footprints diminish as produce travels a short distance from garden to plate. The fight against food waste persists through its meticulous Food Waste management system.

Good Travel Experience

Join the Journey Towards Responsible Travel!

Travelers are asking for “more sustainable travel offers” according to traveler survey reports, while less than 0.1% of travel service providers are certified for sustainability. By working together with small businesses and local communities, Green Destinations and its partners are highlighting fair and responsible travel offers that will reduce the negative impact on people, nature, culture and climate.

We will feature our Good Travel Program members here to guide visitors where to stay and holiday on their next responsible travel experience!

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