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We offer an array of tools to assess, support, and certify the sustainability practices of tourism businesses.

Good Travel Scan

The Good TravelScan encourages medium and small family-run enterprises (SMEs) that have no previous knowledge or experience in sustainability management to take a first step in the right direction.

Who is this program for?
Certificate Validity
Why join this Program?

Join our program for financial savings on energy, water, and waste disposal. Certification boosts guest satisfaction and ratings, attracting more visitors. Enjoy a best-price guarantee and gain self-awareness in your sustainability journey. Showcase your performance transparently and get promoted in the Good Travel Guide with 65% or more in results, providing travelers with easy ways to explore destinations.

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Local Community & People

Support local community development


Good Employment

Offer equal opportunities and fair employment to all and to the local community.


Reducing energy use & CO2

Minimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Climate Adaptation

Adapt to the climate emergency in a green way


Avoiding Waste & Plastics

Avoid waste, especially single-use disposables and plastics


Less Pollution, Water & Noise

Prevent noise, air and water pollution and waste of water


Green products & Businesses

Promote local, eco-friendly and Fairtrade products


Nature, Scenery & Animals

Promote ecological protection and regeneration


Culture & Sense of place

Protect the local cultural heritage and sense of place


Management & Information

Use a sustainable tourism management system and publicly communicate sustainability performance

Good Travel Seal

With the Good Travel Seal (GTS), we offer sustainability certification for any type of businesses with 4 certification levels that can be followed in steps, but you can start with any level.

Who is this program for?

Certificate Validity

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The 12 themes of our Good Travel Seal Criteria

Benefits of Participation

Financial Benefits

Participate in the Good Travel Seal for cost savings on energy, water, and waste disposal. Enjoy a best-price guarantee for two years, and there's no registration cost.

Happier Guests = Higher Ratings

Certification leads to improved reviews and higher ratings, attracting happier guests and more visitors, demonstrating enhanced management and service quality.

Show What You Do

The Good Travel Seal emphasizes full transparency, allowing you to showcase your strengths in various areas. A label alone isn't sufficient; displaying your overall performance is a strategic advantage.

Environment Efficiency

Certified businesses achieve a 19% reduction in water use, 24% less waste production, and 10% lower CO2 emissions compared to non-certified ones. This benefits both the environment and company profits.

Promotion & Visibility

Unlike traditional certifications, the Good Travel Seal promotes your business by featuring it on platforms like the Good Travel Guide, Sustainable First,, Tourism 2030, and, offering travelers convenient access to explore sustainable destinations.

Climate Action Standard

The Climate Action Standard is a support tool for businesses that want to improve their sustainability performance by focusing on tackling climate change and the aspects that affect the economic well-being of the business.

Who is this program for?

Certificate Validity

Six important themes from the Good Travel Seal

Why Join This Program?

For all business types:

The Climate Action Assessment & Certification is available to all businesses, also beyond leisure & tourism.

Also available for GTS and GTS+ members:

Performance can be assessed for all businesses participating in GTS and GTS+, without an extra audit.

Receive a climate performance chart and a certification:

Participation in the Climate Action Standard provides a Climate Action Performance Chart and a certificate.

First step towards sustainable management:

Can be used as the 1st step of engaging into the Good Travel Seal, the Good Planet Seal or GTS+, because almost all criteria of the Climate Action Standard are included in the Good Travel Seal Standard.

Learn and Lead!

Together, let us future-proof our host communities and the tourism and hospitality industry to make the planet a better place to travel and nurture equal opportunities for future generations.

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Please let us know how we can best help you achieve your sustainability goals and green actions.