Good Travel Festival

The Good Travel Program is launching a Picture and Video Stories Festival to showcase  good practices and innovations in responsible tourism and leisure. Businesses and product developers are invited to participate in this Good Travel Festival with the aim of inspiring others around the world.


Empowering Local Business

The Festival aims to promote business locally and is therefore developed at a local level in
destinations, cities or regions. Each location will be able to choose the format that suits
them best: Festival with an exhibition character, in the form of a competition or both.

In 2024 there will be local and national festivals. Those locations that opt for the
competition model will have the opportunity to showcase the winning stories at travel
fairs such as ITB and FITUR with support and promotion from our select media partners.

Majority of travelers are interested in sustainable travel offers. This competition will
encourage businesses in our Good Travel Program to promote their good practices
to travelers that is more exciting, every year!

To know more or join the Good Travel Festival.