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The Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development, Inc. (SST) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization providing learning and capacity building  for public and private stakeholders to attain excellence in sustainable tourism development and management, environmental conservation and stewardship, and sustainable consumption and production in the tourism and hospitality industry. The Objective is to help destination host communities, private estates and the tourism industry mitigate climate change, espouse social equity and responsibility as well as economic growth. As GREEN DESTINATIONS Southeast Asia Representative and East Asia Regional Coordinator for GOOD TRAVEL PROGRAM, the approach is to implement green solutions to global issues with policies to practices, for grassroots growth underlining cultural, community and ecological legacy.

Green Destinations Southeast Asia Partner & Representative

East Asia Regional Coordinator
Support, certification and promotion of businesses in tourism and leisure

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Our Society for Sustainable Tourism is proud to be part of the GD-Global Leaders
SST is proud to be part of the Founding Board of the ASIAN ECOTOURISM NETWORK. Join our network!  
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UNWTO-Multi-Advisory Council (MAC) Partner
Signatory to the Future of Tourism Coalition 2021

Our Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc.-SST offers LearningCapacity Building, Educational programs, Green Solutions and Services for public stakeholders: Destinations – LGUs and host communities;  Private stakeholders – Hotels, Resorts, Hospitality, Tour Operators and Businesses with Green Destinations, Global Leaders Program and Good Travel Program for Businesses include Environmental Conservation and ComplianceGood Governance, Climate Resilience, to address global challenges of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): food security, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and climate resilience for the local host community. Water waste -STP (P.T. Amanaid Philippines) and Waste to Energy (W2E) solutions as well as other green destinations innovations are now offered to LGUs and tourism industry for law compliance.

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  1. Diego Ojano Franco

    I am from the town of Buruanga in the Province of Aklan, the Philippines. This town is slowly awakening to the prospect of tourism development with its share of abundant natural resources and proximity to Boracay Island which is 30-minutes away by motorboat, I am learning much from SSTDI and look forward to sharing the initiatives your organization is undertaking in our community and local government. Thank you.

  2. I am media person from Kathmandu , Nepal. Looking forward to work and affiliated with SSTDI to contribute to fulfill the goals stated in the vision and mission of this prestigious organization.

  3. Butching Orillosa

    Good day! Butching Orillosa from IRD of LGU Makati. Interested in getting affiliation/ membership with your Society and the AEN. Please send details via email.

    • Sustainability Guru

      Dear Butching Orillosa,

      We are already in touch with Makati City to make it one of the first and leading city #GreenDetinations! Congratulations in advance! Let’ do this!

  4. Pauline June Palla

    I am Pauline June Palla, a university faculty member from Iloilo City, Philippines. I am teaching tourism and hospitality-related courses and very much interested in promoting sustainable tourism practices and as much as possible I want to share this interest with my students. Interested in getting affiliated/ becoming a member of this very noble society. Please send details via email.

  5. Dear Sir,
    We know about your organizationin social media, do would like to discuss with you to see possibility to work as partner. We work in ecotourism, clima chengue, Sustainable environmentally.

    Best regards
    Aissatu Balde,
    General Secretary.

  6. Alessandra Guevarra

    Good Evening,

    Im a Filipino overseas whos spending some of my holidays in Busuangga Coron, Im a pro to this kind of organization If theres any programm where I can give a hand and spent some my time saving our mother earth im keen to be a part of some initiatives.
    Hope to hear from you sooner

  7. Hi,

    We would like to touch base to your organization to discuss an ecotourism project in Samar Re: Maqueda Bay Development Project through Saldeco Holdings Inc. (SHI)

    The Maqueda bay is approx 10km x 12km (120 Sq.Km) with 4 Municipalities plus coastal barangays with an estimated 65000 to 70000 people.

    The objective of the projects are the ff.

    1. To promote sustainable community
    2. To promote ecotourism
    3. To protect the Maqueda Bay
    4. To promote livelihood

  8. I am looking forward to associate and connect with concerned person who can guide us on developing destinations as Sustainable Tourism destinations.

  9. I will like to know events and activities of society for sustainable tourism

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